Wake Up Well - Infuse Turmeric Ginger



In the mornings I like to enjoy a tea that jump starts my system and gets me set for the busy day ahead of me. Having a lifelong love affair with ginger I thought it was an obvious choice to start adding turmeric into my diet alongside its “cousin” ginger. Now as easy as ginger is to enjoy turmeric on the other hand may not be everyone’s cup of tea (pardon the pun); but you’ll never know until you try as they say right? I have always been the person to have ginger tea on hand for when an unsettled stomach arose or I’m feeling sick or nauseous; and till to this day my beloved ginger hasn’t failed to remedy me of  those maladies. Some of the benefits of turmeric like aiding with ingestion and those all so important anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities keep calling me back to try a cup.

As with all good things in life there is a fine balance when consuming turmeric I find and it can be quite overwhelming but; the Infuse Tumeric Ginger tea blend is the perfect balance or sweet and spicy and I find the tea very enjoyable and palatable. I was slightly apprehensive to try turmeric again but I am truly glad I gave it another chance.

Kickstart your day with Infuse Tumeric Ginger Organic Tea. The aroma is invigorating and the colour is so bright and inviting with the spicy notes of the East and the colour just begs to be consumed in the mornings. Enjoy your cup of sunshine with that divine smell and the start of your day has officially begun; not to mention your liver and stomach will thank you for it.




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