The Apple of My Tea

The holidays are slowly approaching and it's time where we start to think about planning that feast to enjoy with family.  I have been prepping and getting my dessert ideas finalized and I have short-listed: cheesecake, pumpkin pie and of course the humble apple pie.  Apple pie to me is the tried and true holiday dessert around this time of year and is for me and most I would think one of those classic desserts that drums up all those great memories. How can something so simple like an apple pie give so many of us the warm fuzzies and yet it always does. This is how I feel when I am enjoying a cup of the Infuse Apple Pie Tea; I get all of those cherished memories and  with their exclusive blend of preserved apple pieces, sultana raisins and cinnamon to create that smooth warm taste of a freshly baked apple pie.

This tea is a knock out of the park as it smells like apple pie with every satisfying sip and I found it hard to put this one down tasty tea down. Maybe it’s because fall is upon us now or just how much I love apple pie and the apple flavor in general; but the tea is a home run. If you would like a bolder taste this can be tried as a milk tea and not to mention this is a great idea if you want that dessert taste without all of those calories. This Thanksgiving I will be serving the Infuse Apple Pie tea as part of my coffee and tea options to accompany my cheesecake and pumpkin pie desserts. This would be a great pairing and a great way to impress your guests with a unique and interesting tea. If I were you I’d give the Infuse Apple Pie tea a try this Thanksgiving and throughout the season it’s well worth every sip.


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