That's S'More Like It

National Chocolate day was just past last week and to celebrate I wanted to taste another chocolate flavoured tea and this time the Infuse S’mores Tea was on the menu. S’more is one of those quintessential North American night time campfire treats consisting of a fire-roasted marshmallow and layer of chocolate sandwiched in between two pieces of graham crackers.

The Infuse S’more tea is a black tea; which is made using oxidized tea leaves that have been allowed to brown and wilt after being picked. Black tea has been said to improve your heart health, prevent diabetes and reduce the risk of some cancers, effective in aiding with stomach & digestive disorders and ailments. Let’s also not forget that much needed caffeine kick and those antioxidants qualities. There is some research out also that if you want to get all of the most antioxidant punch in your tea you should enjoy it loose leafed, of course and without milk.

Brewing this cup of black tea the taste of graham cracker and the toasted marshmallow shines through along with the chocolate. Since I hadn’t made a s’more since the summer; for comparison sake I decided to make a s'more and you know what it tastes like an excellent replication of the childhood camping treat. My only problem is I’ve always been a terrible s'more maker; as I can never quite get the ratio down of that ooey gooey marshmallow to burnt marshmallow and this tea makes it all so simple. All I have to do is steep some tea leaves and I’m set. I like the idea of a s’more; however I’m not making these on the regular camping or not camping and this is where the s’mores tea will shine for me and hopefully you.

This is a very interesting and unique flavor that can easily go into my regular tea rotation. So enjoy this in your retro camping mug when the weather is right; while camping or even like me the other day just sitting outside in the cool autumn air watching the leaves fall smelling the playful aroma of the Infuse S’mores tea blend.

Fun Tip: To Really try and Replicate an actual S'mores taste add milk to it and we promise you'll be pleasantly surprised. 



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