Ruby Oolong

Ruby Oolong

Origin: Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

Ingredients: Organic Oolong Tea

Tasting notes: Full-bodied, deeply fermented oolong slow baked to bring out complex layers of cacao, raisins and black cherry

Home Brewing:

Water Temperature: 195°F
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces
Steep Times: 3 minutes (1st infusion), 4 minutes (2nd infusion), 5 minutes (3rd infusion)

Ruby oolong is our only USDA certified oolong tea. While we strive to provide organic teas for our customers, it is difficult to source high-quality organic oolongs. Since the majority of oolong come from Taiwan, where conditions are prime for tea production, demand for Taiwanese oolongs is very high. As such, tea farmers are pretty much guaranteed to sell their crops leaving little incentive to undertake the high costs required for certification.

How is Ruby River organic then? The answer is simple- it is not sourced from Taiwan. Instead, Ruby River comes from Thailand. More specifically, high up on the sides of Doi Mae Salong a mountain where high elevation, soil nutrients, drainage, and fresh mountain water combine to create ideal growing conditions.

Harvested during autumn, Ruby River is the result of a complex set of procedures which require expert skill and attention to detail. After plucking, drying, and an extended withering stage the leaves are tumbled in special machines. Next, they are rolled mechanically and left for a few hours to allow polyphenolic oxidation to occur. This step is essential for developing the ripe, fruity aromas characteristic of Ruby River. They are then dried and packed into 18kg baskets, each of which will then undergo 75-90 repetitions of compressing, rolling/shaping, tumbling, and (every 25 cycles) drying to ensure the tea is dried and shaped evenly. The result is a rich, full-bodied dark red infusion when brewed.

Who should you recommend this tea to? Oolong tea lovers will be captivated by the subtle notes of chocolate and cherry in the brew. It is also a great choice for black tea lovers looking to expand their horizons and try something new. Oolong teas are normally good for several infusions and Ruby River is no exception, so it is also great for entertaining guests.


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