Quality Tea is Key

Jasmine Pearls

Have you ever tasted something once and were absolutely positive it was not for you; but then you decide to try it again to solidify your opinion and you still don’t like it? Then one day on a whim after some time has passed you decide to give it one more try against your better judgement and low and behold you’re pleasantly surprised that your and are actually quite fond of it? Well when it comes to Jasmine tea this has been my experience and I have learned one thing: quality ingredients are key.

Jasmine tea is commonly consumed with Dim Sum and I was one hundred percent certain Jasmine tea was just not for me because it tasted like water every time I visited a Dim Sum restaurant as the tea served had no distinguishable flavor associated to it. Was it that there weren’t enough tea leaves or as I suspect it was just poorer quality tea leaves most likely tea fannings and dust and there was no actual leaves being steeped at all hence the poorer, bitter lack luster taste to the tea . Well once my lips touched and inhaled the sweet aroma of the Infuse Jasmine Pearl Green Tea I had that “This is what

Jasmine Tea is supposed to taste and smell like” and the difference was so vast that I’m glad I gave Jasmine tea another try. The tender hand-rolled leaves of Infuse Jasmine Pearl Green Tea makes me wonder if I could maybe bring my own Jasmine Tea with me when I have Dim Sum.


Not fond of the bitter characteristics of Green Tea? Well here are a few tips to avoid that bitter taste some tend to dislike that is associated with consuming green tea. Steep your tea at 160°F-175°F or don’t fully boil you kettle of water as you are scalding the tea leaves. If you’re a tea addict like myself and own a programmable kettle aim for this range and you’ll love green tea I promise.


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