New Years Resolution: Drink More Tea

To start off this week, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! With the start of the new year, most of you will be making resolutions. After a couple of years of making resolutions it can be difficult to come up with new ones that are (1) realistic and (2) will be beneficial. You don’t need to look any further, we’ve found the perfect New Year’s resolution for 2017: drink more tea! So, no matter if you’ve been drinking tea your whole life or if you’re just taking it up this year, here are four reason why you should make your 2017 New Year’s resolution to drink more tea.

  1. Variety

One of the greatest things about tea is that there are so many different types to choose from. No matter what taste you prefer, whether it’s bitter or sweet or what time of day you want to drink it there is an option for you. Due to the large variety of options available, some people can find it overwhelming; there’s no reason to worry about this, we wrote ‘What is your Tea Type?to help you choose the right tea.

  1. Less Caffeine

The second reason you should drink more tea in 2017 is that teas tend to have less caffeine than coffee. If you’re trying to rely on caffeine less in the mornings, drinking tea is a great way to start easing yourself out of caffeine’s grips until you can be happy with one of the many caffeine free teas.

  1. Good for your health

Various types of teas are beneficial to your health. I always find myself drinking more tea when I’m feeling a little rundown, specifically any tea that has ginger in it. Every tea type will benefit you in different ways for example, rooibos teas lower blood pressure, improve indigestion and soothe an upset stomach; while green teas help lower cognitive decline. As well, if you drink a caffeine free tea it counts towards your necessary 8 cups of water a day, what could be better?


  1. Perfect for any Season

The final reason to drink more tea in 2017, is that tea is the perfect drink for any season. You don’t have to only drink tea while it’s hot; although when you have a warm drink your nerves tell your brain to turn on your body’s cooling mechanisms. A large variety of teas can be poured onto ice or left in the fridge to become iced tea. Teas can also be added to smoothies or be used to make popsicles.

We hope these reasons have persuaded you to make drinking more tea your New Year’s resolution for 2017. If you’re curious for more information about tea, check out our post What is tea?  


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