Infuse Tropical Coconut Tea


Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy those summer treats right? Let’s face it for some of us like me are clinging onto those last hot, humid and hazy days of summer. We all know what’s ahead and its’s that cold harsh Canadian winter. With the inevitable soon upon us I have been enjoying every ounce of sunshine and being outside. Along with me on these last warm days has been a specific blend of tea to keep these summer feelings alive for that much longer.

The Infuse Tropical Coconut Tea really caught my eye as I love coconuts; but I have only enjoyed them  in baked goods for the most part and I am not  really fond of the coconut water in the stores these days; nothing beats fresh off the palm tree to me.  This tea was surprisingly stronger than I expected as coconut tends to have a more subtle flavor profile I thought; but with the Infuse Tropical Coconut Tea this is unabashedly coconut, coconut and more coconut. This is 100% coconut and it reminds me of having a fresh coconut cut from the palm tree in Barbados; with the bendy straw inside and that smooth and ever so refreshing coconut water taste. This tea encompasses all parts of the coconut and gives it this nutty, robust flavor all wrapped up into a delightful tea.

The coconut flavor rings through in many forms whether, hot, cold or frozen. Here I have a quick recipe if you’d like to try some Infuse Tropical Coconut Ice Pops that I have been enjoying along with hot and cold teas.

Brew a batch of the Infuse Tropical Coconut blend. Steep, remove leaves and let cool. Add sugar if desired. Pour the tea into the ice pop mold and let freeze overnight and enjoy. If you want even more coconut flavor, pour coconut milk about 1/3 into the mold let freeze for a couple of hours and then fill up with tropical coconut tea. This is a great vegan alternative that adds an extra bit of creaminess and richness to the ice pops.  

If you’re a coconut fan then give the Infuse Tropical Coconut tea a try and then summer can last all year round.


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