Infuse Iron Goddess of Mercy "Iced"


It’s the Labour Day long weekend and if you’re planning on hanging with the girls or friends this weekend on the deck like myself; you’ve got to try the Infuse Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea (Tae Guan Yin). It’s smooth and rich with the aromas of chestnut and dried apricot. Now don’t let the name fool you this isn’t just a tea for girls (with the name I personally like to think so though); but with the nutty notes there is something definitely in this tea for the guys to enjoy also.

Oolong tea is also known as Wu Long Tea; but let me first tell you about “Tae Guan Yin”. Tae Guan Yin literally translates into Iron Goddess of Mercy which is a premium variety of Chinese Oolong Tea. This is semi- fermented and has amber coloured tea leaves. Some benefits to oolong tea are that it can contribute to weight loss, reduce blood pressure, reduce eczema flare ups and of course aid in stress-management. However; keep in mind Oolong Tea has some of the highest caffeine amounts so beware if you get the jitters when consuming caffeine.

Now I like my iced tea these two ways, homemade with quality product – from actual tea leaves (not fannings) and strong. Not everyone loves a strong cup of tea; but I find that oolong with all the different notes and fragrances can hold up to this well to a stronger brew. Here is a fast an easy way to prepare this iced tea.

Boil 1 litre of hot water and steep with 1 tablespoon of Iron Goddess of Mercy for an hour. Remove tea leaves, add sugar to taste and let cool. Wash a lemon, de-seed, cut into slices and add into your vessel  full of tea. When you are ready to serve garnish each glass with a lemon slice and just relax and catch up with your friends. With every sip I could detect the chestnut back notes with a hint of the apricot and others flavours I just couldn’t put my finger on. I decided to say that this tea is complex much like a women some may say.  I just say it’s a very unique tea and if you’re an adventurous tea lover then give the Infuse Iron Goddess of Mercy tea a try.


- Deborah (Candy Coated Culinista)


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