Green Tea

Some of my favourite teas belong to the green tea family. There’s a large variety of teas to choose from; they are great for your health and contain no caffeine, meaning they can be enjoyed at any time of day.

One of the biggest differences in green teas from other types, is that they are not oxidized. In order to prevent oxidization, the tea leaves need to be steamed at a high temperature. During this process the leaves trap the moisture in them, creating a vibrant flavour in every cup.

There are two different subsets of green tea depending on where the leaves were dried. If they were dried using the Chinese process, the tea will steep to a yellow colour. These teas are often citrusy; a type to try at Infuse is the Dragon’s Well tea. The second subset is if the tea leaves were dried using the Japanese style, this creates tea that has an earthy taste and steeps to a more prominent green colour. At Infuse Café, you can try the Match Super Green.

Regardless of which style of green tea you prefer, they all contain an abundance of health benefits. One of the greatest perks for me is that a cup of green tea counts towards the necessary 8 cups of water a day. It always seems like a chore to get those 8 cups in in one day, but when I include green tea it suddenly becomes manageable. Leading to one of the next benefits, green tea doesn’t contain caffeine. A cup of tea can be made at any time of the day without worrying about the inability to sleep. On top of this, there are an abundance of health benefits, to name a few: it increases cognitive function, lowers risks of certain types of cancers due to antioxidants, helps you lose weight, and is great for your skin.  

Next time you’re buying tea try going out of your comfort zone and purchase a green tea you’ve never had before; you might just find your new favourite.


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