Feeling Just Peachy

Stone fruit season in Ontario and outside has been quite lack luster this past summer. Nothing beats stone fruit like apriums and pluots from California or Peaches from Ontario and yet I didn’t come across any sweet juicy stone-fruit this year; and it was quite saddening as there is such a short period in which to enjoy these fruits as it is.  

With that in the back of my mind I found the Infuse Peach Blossom craving some peaches in any shape or form that wasn’t something artificially flavoured. The Infuse Peach Blossom blend is a white tea with sweet succulent peaches and tangerines; giving this a citrusy and summery aroma. Now the question was would this tea satisfy my stone-fruit cravings?

White tea is a young tea or minimally processed tea which means no oxidization has occurred giving it a lighter taste. This is perfect for the peach blossom tea as you wouldn’t want to mask the delicate aspects of the peach flavours in a black tea for instance. I believe this is why this tea shines with its subtle, light and refreshing taste. White tea comes from the buds of young tea leaves that are picked just before the buds fully open; which gives the tea its signature lighter taste. Now because this is called a white tea doesn’t mean the tea is actual white or colourless; as it’s usually denoted by a pale yellow hue in most instances.

Contrary to what some say about the lighter the tea the lower the caffeine content this couldn’t be further from the truth. White tea tends to have a higher than average caffeine level, so if you want a nice jolt enjoy these tea types. There are many aspects that can affect the caffeine amount. For instance tea that is grown in the shade has a higher caffeine content than tea grown in the sun. Also how the tea has been refined makes a difference too. If it has been chopped, sliced or ground into a powder there will be higher amounts as the caffeine is able to escape from the cut areas. Lastly the easier piece of tea knowledge for a tea drinker is, the younger the leaves and buds the more caffeine.  Let’s not forget brewing times also can increase or decrease the content as well. So if you want a more caffeinated tea just steep your tea leaves for longer than the recommended time and just ensure you steep at 185° temperature if possible for that optimum taste.

For my batch of Infuse Peach Blossom tea, I made a strong caffeinated brew as you can tell by the colour. I prefer my iced teas strong most times and this is a great tea blend to take to work and give you that pick me up in the morning. I pour a batch of iced tea into my travel bottle and I’m set.  So until stone-fruit season comes back around, I’m happy to have the Peach Blossom as a great substitute.



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