Chai Tea

When I first heard about Chai Tea, it was being offered as a chai tea latte; for the longest time that’s all I thought it was. Luckily for me, Infuse Café has shown me otherwise. Chai tea is for those that love tea unabashedly; it is the perfect blend of various teas, herbs and spices.

Chai tea is a very popular tea blend and has been for a while. It originated in Asia and was spread globally after 1830. Since then chai tea has become a favourite blend for many and can be found at most tea shops.

The blend for chai tea is typically more complicated than other blends. Traditionally, chai involves combining black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. These ingredients aren’t necessarily in every chai blend. It is too simplistic to speak about chai tea as if it is one blend of tea. Chai tea is as diverse as herbal or black teas. At Infuse there are three options, Vanilla Mint Chai, Chocolate Chai and Masala Chai. The most common ingredients between each of these drinks are: cinnamon, black tea, licorice root, ginger and cardamom. Each one of these drinks has its own unique taste, but they all have the immense benefits of drinking chai tea.  

One of the greatest elements to chai tea, is that you get the benefits of all different tea types in one. With black tea, there are a lot of antioxidants, and it still has a bit of caffeine in it; about 1/3 the amount that’s in coffee. The ginger in the tea will give your immune system a boost and help with digestion. Cardamom is very useful in detoxifying and giving a reset to the body. Lastly the cinnamon will also help with digestive issues and is antibacterial.

Chai tea is one of the best groups in my opinion. The teas can be really rich and sweet if you have a sweet tooth; but they are always refreshing. Of course, you can always make your tea, a chai tea latte.


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