Canada Day Cocktail - Infuse Tropical Crimson

Canada Day Cocktail

With Canada Day approaching it means a few things things: friends & family, relaxing, fireworks, BBQ’s and beverages. Being an infrequent drinker but also really enjoying ciders as my go to drink when I do imbibe I thought maybe a tea cocktail would be a great addition to the weekend festivities. Lately I have also really been enjoying the Infuse Tropical Crimson Tea for two reasons: One; it drums up all the memories of those tropical vacations and two; the taste is so similar to a Caribbean drink called Sorrel that is also made from the hibiscus flower that tastes so delicious. Finding this tea has been the perfect go between as Sorrel is typically a special holiday drink while the Infuse Tropical Crimson Tea can be my everyday tea. With the long weekend days away I had the idea to try and combine two of my favourite drinks into something even better and I must say this Infuse Tropical Crimson Blackberry Cider turned 
out great.

How can you go wrong with tea, cider, fresh blackberries and rum right? The vibrant colour and taste was perfect with its slightly sweet and tart flavor. With the Infuse Tropical Crimson Tea as its vessel and with the long weekend ahead you can just sit back, relax and dream of those warm Caribbean nights and that cool ocean breeze. Give this a try and I know you will be making this again. Happy Canada Day.

Serves: 2


 Ice

 Handful of fresh blackberries

 500 ml Infuse Tropical Crimson Tea, cooled down

 500 ml Somersby Blackberry Cider 500 ml

 4 ounces Dark Rum

 Handful of fresh blackberries


1. Prepare the Infuse Tropical Crimson Tea and let it cool down to room temperature.
2. Using two pint glasses fill with ice.
3. In a pitcher muddle or using the a fork crush a few blackberries.
4. Pour Infuse Tropical Crimson Tea, Blackberry Cider and Dark Rum and fresh blackberries and stir slightly.
5. Pour over ice and enjoy.




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